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DBA Marv Lang Sanitation

Septic tank

Our mission:

  • Insure the proper operation of septic systems

  • Inform our clients on proper septic use

  • Use or knowledge in field restoration to the benefit of our environment

  • Strived to provide the most professional and courteous customer relations in the waste management business

Our organization began in 1945 as two separate septic pumping companies, Marv Lang Sanitation and Patton's Septic. In 1991, we reorganized under the R & R Ventures Corporation to provide complete septic maintenance services. That same year, we began the septic field bioremediation testing which resulted in the 'environmentally green' process we are still using today.

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Let us help you care for your septic system

• Ensure continued performance of your    toilet, shower, sinks, and other drains

• Prevent slow draining

• Prevent backups and overflows

• Protect your pipes from cracking,  Splitting, or other damage

• Prevent flooding and other damage

to your property

Help protect your property with septic services

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If you have any questions about your septic system or our services, don't hesitate to give us a call and get information about proper maintainance.







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